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Android Device Manager is an essential feature for every Android device. It is a Google feature that offers various benefits to its users. It is also called the security feature of an Android phone. If a user accidentally lost his phone, he could easily detect the phone’s location by these features. Even this feature provides the ability to delete the data on the phone. Then it is understood how important this feature is for every Android device user. User will only need to connect his device to a Google account to use the feature.

What can we do with this Android Device Manager feature?

Phone location detection:

When someone’s smartphone is lost or stolen, this feature helps to identify the phone’s location. But if the phone is switched off, it will be possible to see where the phone was last used. For this, it is necessary to keep this feature set up on the phone beforehand.

Ringing in the absence of the device:

If a smartphone user does not find his smartphone or hide the phone by someone for making fun, then this feature is very useful for finding the phone. If the user click on the play sound button in it, a pop-up screen will appear. Clicking on the play sound button again will start playing the ring in high volume on the phone. Even if the phone is in silent mode, the ring will begin playing at high volume, which will last for 5 minutes.

Deleting data on the device:

If a smartphone user lost his phone, then it could be a cause for concern. Because most of the smartphone users currently store their data on the smartphone. If all this important data is left to someone else, the user may be in danger. But, this feature can be useful at this time. Because the feature gives smartphone users the ability to delete all the data from a stolen phone. But the feature is unable to delete the information on the memory card.

Device locked:

A person can easily lock his lost phone via this feature. The result is that the person who collected or stole the phone will not be able to continue the phone again.

How to Enable Android Device Manager on a smartphone?

Enabling this feature is an effortless task. We discussed earlier the benefits of this feature. So it is essential for all Android user to activate these feature. The steps that can be taken to enable the features are discussed below.

1. First, the smartphone user has to enter his phone’s setting and go to the ‘Security’ option.

2. Then click on ‘Device Administrators’ option and activate the ‘Find My Device‘ feature. Once the feature is activated, a correct sign will appear beside this option.

Android Device Manager

3. Now the location service must be ON on the phone so that the function can track the phone’s location. For that, click on the ‘Location’ option on the phone to do the service ON. Now the feature can track any lost phone location.

How to use Android Device Manager features?

1. First of all, the user has to click on the link given here and enter the Android Device Manager website. Or need to search on Google to enter the site. Since the smartphone user has lost his smartphone, he has to access the website with another device such as a mobile, computer.

2. Now, need to login to the Android Device Manager website with the Gmail ID which was login in user phone during setup.

3. After login, a dashboard will float on the screen. Here this feature will automatically show the current location of the phone. However, if the phone is switched off, the last location will be shown.

4. Other options can be seen in the dashboard, such as Play Sound, Secure Device, Erase Device.

Android Device Manager

5. Need to click on the ‘Play sound‘ option on the dashboard to ring the phone at high volume.

6. Now click on the ‘Erase Device‘ option to delete all the data contained in the phone, such as pictures, songs, videos, etc. Then login with Gmail ID again and delete all data. All data will be deleted even if the phone is switched off.

7.  To lock the smartphone, click the ‘Secure Device‘ option. The user also can send a recovery message with the mobile number to the person who stolen or picked up the phone.

8. One thing to keep in mind, once the device is clean, it is no longer possible to access the phone through Android Device Manager features.


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