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In the current era, we the smartphone users keep most of our essential data on our smartphones. So we have to take care of this essential data so that it is not easily passed to someone else. So we use a variety of apps locks to prevent all this essential data from being passed to someone else. This type of application protects our important data from being read by someone else with a passcode pattern. There are different types of apps locker available on the Google Play store, but in this post, we will discuss about some of the popular apps lock and their features.

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List Of Most Popular Apps locker For Android

App Lock:

App Lock is the most popular App Locker application on the Google Play store. Domobile, a mobile internet company, published the App Lock app in Google Play Store in 2012. Currently, there are more than 3 million downloaders of this application across 150 countries. The application can be used in 12 languages. Some of its important features have earned a reputation as the best app locker on Android.

It can also lock other Android toggles such as WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, as well as lock other applications on the phone. Besides, the app can even lock incoming calls. With the application, the user can hide any pictures and videos of his / her phone. After hiding user photos and videos, they disappear from the gallery that is only visible in the photo and video vault. The application has an invisible pattern lock so that no other person can know the user’s pattern lock.


Norton App Lock:

Norton App Lock is developed by a very popular antivirus company named ‘Norton.’ Considering the privacy of users, the company has made the application very powerful. The application works very fast on the user’s phone. If a smartphone user is looking for a free and ad-free apps locker, then the Norton App Lock app would be perfect for him. Users will be able to secure any apps in the application in three ways: Pattern, Passcode, or Fingerprint.

Features of Norton App Lock:

  • One or more apps can be locked with a single passcode. No need to set a separate Passcode or password for each application.
  • Fingerprint protection method is also supported on this application.
  • The size of the application is very less than about 4 MB.
  • The application interface is very nice and easy to use.

App Lock Fingerprint Password:

App Lock Fingerprint Password Apps is an application developed by a software company called keep safe. It is a phone protection application that helps control the privacy of the user’s phone. According to the company’s opinion, Kipsafe cipher AES-256 encryption is used to provide Advanced protection to users. The application is available in the Google Play store in both free and paid versions. However, using the free version of the application will not be ad-free. Users will be able to secure any app with the help of these three methods – Pattern, Passcode, or Fingerprint in the application.

Finger Security:

Finger Security application was released on the Google Play store in 2014. Currently, it is known as a very popular apps locker for android. This is the Google Play store’s first application locker in which the fingerprint security option was introduced. The following are some important features of this application:

  •  It is possible to provide security to any application through fingerprint security.
  •  Unlock multiple applications at once.
  •  Users of the application can use their favorite image as background.
  • The app is able to take pictures of the intruder without his knowledge so that the owner of the phone can easily identify the intruder.
  • The Finger Security application cannot easily uninstall an intruder.



LOCX App Lock & Photos:

LOCX is a simple and clean application locker that has many users. Can easily lock any application. A user can use pin, pattern, or fingerprint to unlock any application. The application’s UI and new features make it attractive to the user. In addition to protecting any application, pictures, videos, and even files can be hidden.

Features of LOCX App lock:

  •  Important apps can be locked and secured easily.
  •  It can provide privacy to any important image of the user.
  •  In addition to providing privacy to any image, It is also designed to provide privacy to video.
  •  After the update, the LOX App Locker becomes faster and lighter in size. Besides, the application takes much less phone memory than other apps lockers.
  • User can lock any application by choosing the screen locking style of his choice.
  • A large amount of attractive lock screen wallpapers have been added to give a nice interface to the Locker.
  • Fake apps cover features have added with the application.
  • The application has invisible lock features.

Smart App Lock (App Protect) :

A software company called ThinkKiah develops smart App lock application. Like other application lockers, this application also helps its users protect their privacy. The application is very popular as it is small in size. Besides, the beautiful design of the application attracts the user. It is also capable of protecting any application, such as social applications, messaging applications, privacy apps. It can also lock any incoming call, which is a nice feature of the application.

Applications can protected with multiple lock types such as pattern, pin lock.
The application automatically launches itself after the device reboots without delay.
When someone tries to access your locked app with an invalid password, the application can take pictures of the intruder without his knowledge.
Unlock any locked applications with the fingerprint.


Hopefully, through this post, we have been able to alert smartphone users about protecting their privacy. All the apps locker play an important role in protecting the privacy of smartphone users. So all smartphone users need to protect their privacy using these apps.


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