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Axis Net Banking is a great gift given to its customers by this bank. As the front of many users, it is known as Axis online Banking or Axis internet banking. It is a digital transaction system of Axis Bank. This service of Axis Bank offers its customers to access their bank accounts from any part of the world.

The service gives users the ability to control or manage their bank accounts from anywhere, with the help of a mobile, computer, all these electronic devices. Through the service, any customer of this bank can perform this kind of activity with their bank such as online money transfer, online account balance check, online bank statement check, etc.

Because of this, customers do not have to go to the bank for small tasks. Apart from this, many more facilities are available through this online net banking service, which makes the customers’ life more comfortable. Let’s take a look at how a customer will start Axis Net banking services at home.

Documents required for applying Axis Net Banking service:

  1. Applicant must have an account with Axis Bank.
  2. A mobile number must be registered with the bank account.
  3. Must have an ATM card.
  4. Must have to know the ATM card pin which is used to withdraw from ATM.
  5. Applicant must have to know his customer ID.

How to apply for Axis Net Banking service at home?

An axis bank customer can quickly start this service at home. Since this service allows customers to access their bank account from anywhere, many people are using this service. All the customers of Axis Bank are eligible to use this service and no need to pay any service charge for use this service. Follow the given below step for applying Axis net banking service.

  • Initially, the customers will be required to access the Axis Bank official website by clicking on the link given below.
  • Then click on the ‘Bank’s smart‘ option From the Top menu bar. Now, Click on Internet Banking Services under ‘Bank’s Smart’ category.
  • Immediately a new page will be opened. There will be two options under Internet Banking, which are the login and register. Since customers are going to launch the services for the first time, click on the Register option.
  • Then put the customer ID or Login ID on this page and press the Proceed button.


Axis Net Banking

  • Now a new page will be opened. Customers will have to enter their account number, register mobile number and click the Proceed button.

Axis Net BankingOn the next page, the user will have to place ATM card number, ATM PIN, expiry date, card currency in the right place and accept the terms and conditions and click on the Proceed button.

  • In this new page, the customer will have to enter a new password. Besides, complete the mobile number verification through OTP. Once the mobile number is verified, click on the Proceed button.

  • Now registration is complete, and it is ready to use.

What are the benefits of using Axis Net banking service?

  • Customers can quickly check the balance of their bank account through this service without visiting the bank or ATM.
  • A user can download the account statement with this service.
  • User can ban the right to withdraw money through the chequebook.
  • Users of this service can apply for a new chequebook online.
  • Customers can deposit fixed deposits online.
  • Allows the user to view their credit card details.
  • Credit card bill payments can be made through this service.
  • Customers can see details of the Demat account.
  • Users can check their own Loan Account details.
  • Customers can apply for a new credit card, loan, online through this service.
  • This service enables users to change their bank account’s nominee if necessary.
  • Customers of this bank can apply for the locker.
  • In a short period, customers can transfer money from their bank accounts to another bank account very quickly.
  • Users can send money abroad without any charges.
  • Also, mobile recharge, bill payment, online shopping can be done by this service.

How to log into the Axis internet Banking service for the first time?

  •  After complete the registration, customers will have to click the login option.
  •  Then need to enter the user ID and password and click the login option.
  •  After logging into the net banking account for the first time, some questions will be flashed on the screen. These questions are asked for account security reasons. If the user forgets the password for the account, it is possible to reset the password by answering the questions.
  •  After answering the questions accurately, accept the term and condition and click the confirm button.

How to reset the Internet Banking account password?

  • At first, enter the login page of this bank’s internet banking service and click on the Forgot password option.
  • Now the customer will have to click on the proceed button by putting his login ID.
  • Here enter all the information want to know about user ATM card. After entering all the information, click on the proceed button.
  • It is possible to set your preferred password on the next page and reset the password by completing mobile verification.

Frequently asked questions about Axis Bank’s net banking service:

  • Who is eligible for the use of Axis Bank’s net banking service?

Everyone who has an active account in the Axis Bank is eligible for this service.

  • Is there any monthly charge to use this service?

The service is free for every customer — no need to pay any tariff for the service.

  • How long does it take to activate an account after applying for the service?

After applying for the service, the account is activated immediately.

  • Is this service safe to use?

This service is fully protected. Advanced protection has been implemented with 128-bit encryption from the bank at multiple levels.

  • How do I know if I do not know my login ID?

Axis Bank provides different login IDs to each of its customers after opening the account. Customers will get their Login ID or Customer ID from passbook or chequebook.

Some warning before using net banking services:

  •  Do not share the logging information with anyone.
  •  Before login to the online banking portal, confirm that green lock is showing front of the URL.
  •  Do not use any crack software on the device that uses for access online banking services.
  •  Always access this service from a single device.
  •  Do not forget to log out the account after using the online banking service.


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