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Smartphones have improved the quality of life of people more than ever. Previously, only calls and messages could be made using a mobile. But now, with the advent of smartphones, we get various benefits. With this smartphone we can take pictures, watching videos, playing games. Besides, we all listen to music with the help of smartphones. best music player for android 

Google Play Store has a variety of applications for listening to music on Android phones. Besides, a music application from Google called ‘Google Play Music’ is embedded in each smartphone. If you are a music lover and looking for a good music player, then this post can help you to find it. Here we will shear with you some information about the best music player for android that will change your perception of listening to music.

List of some best music player for android  

Jet Audio Music Player:

Price- Free/Paid

Jet Audio is a top-rated music player application for Android. JetAudio Basic is the most downloaded application in the ‘Music Management Software’ category, according to CNET. Google Play store has over 5 million downloads of the application. This music player can play any type of digital music files such as wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .opus, .wma * And many more. The music player provides to users very high-quality sound with various effects and enhancements like Reverb, Wide, X-Bus. The application comes with 32 equalizers presets Provides users new listening experience. The app allows those who want to customize their own music listening experience.

Black Player EX Music player: 


The second application on our list is the Black Player EX Music Player. You won’t find a free version of it on the Google Play store. The application’s beautiful interface impresses every user. The application has a light theme and has three additional fonts. Any folders and tracks can be easily blacklisted. Users can change the color of background and notification text. Eight additional themes are included with it which users can use as they wish. Text animations and transition effect are also seen in this music player. It is possible to customize the pages of the library fully.

AMP Music player:

Price- Free

The Amp Music Player is third on our list. AMP is a full-featured music player designed to provide the advanced quality sound of its user. The application supports about thirty types of audio formats. Application features are discussed in the below section.

  •  Supports three types of themes that are light, dark, and black. Users can also customize the theme.
  •  The application supports Internet Radio.
  •  Supports creating multiple playlists.
  •  Allows user to play music from the file manager.
  • Gives the user the ability to control playback via a headset.
  • The music player provides the ability to set the playing track as a ringtone.
  • Offers direct options for sharing audio files with someone else.
  • Allows you to switch tracks by the phone’s volume buttons.
  •  Provides the ability to quickly add all music from the SD card to the playlist.
  • This music player provides the ability to delete any audio file located on the phone.
  • This music player comes with 29-band graphic equalizer.

best music player for android

Music player:

Price- Free

The ‘Music Player’ application is a simple music player with all the featured and powerful equalizers for Android devices. This application has 5 million user downloads on Google play store.  The application is designed based on the concept of material design which gives a beautiful interface to the user.  The app can play songs in 6 different ways through playlists, genres, artists, albums. Also, get the option to play the song directly from the folder inside the app. With this player, the user can set any music as a ringtone. The application supports these types of languages, ​​including English, Hindi, Japanese, Indonesian, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, French, and so on.

Poweramp Music player:

Price- Free/Paid

Poweramp is a powerful music player made for Android. A software company named Max MP is the founder of this application. Poweramp Music Player is designed to give listeners a smoother listening experience. Currently, this is also a top-rated music player in the Google play store. Let’s get to know the features of the application.  

  • Visualization effect can be seen in the application which attracts the user.
  •  Various third-party skins are available for a custom design.
  •  It is capable of scanning a library very quickly.
  •  The application supports Google Assistant.
  •  Music Player supports ten bands customized graphical equalizer for all audio formats.
  •  Besides, many other features are supported in this application, including CrossFood, lyrics support, tag editor, lock screen, replay gain, go place, etc.

Pulsar Music Player:

Price- Free/paid

It has long been known as one of the best music player on Android.  Pulsar Music Player is an offline audio player that is completely ad-free. All the necessary features are included in this music player. This music player supports 36 languages. The excellent interface makes it attractive to users. Let’s get to know the features of the application.

  •  Music can be managed from albums, artists, folders, and genre sections.
  •  All these sections can be viewed, such as, recently played, most played, and newly added tracks.
  • Various color themes are available for users to own customize.
  •  Support all kind of standard music files like mp3, aac, flac, Ogg, Wav, etc.
  •  Completely ad-free music player.
  •  Lots of other features are available, including Android Auto support, Crossfade support, Play speed adjustment, Sound balance adjustment, Replay gain, volume normalization. Etc.

N7player Music Player:

Price- Free/paid

N7 Player Music Player is a popular audio player that provides the user with a fancy way of browsing music.  The music player’s excellent features and user-friendly interface provide the user with an excellent browsing experience.  A company called N7 Mobile has developed this application. Let’s get to know the features of the application.

  • The music player provides high-quality music to its users.
  •  Users will be able to customize every element in the player to their liking.
  •  One of the easiest and most effective ways to listen to your favorite music is through playlists in this player.
  •  All types of audio files are supported on this player.
  •   Users can hide any albums they unlike.
  •   N7 player connected to Toastercast, allows the user to listen to music on an external device via ChromeCast / AirPlay / DLNA.
  •  User can control the music through the buttons on the headset.
  •  Its tag editor featured tool allows the user to modify the information contained in the audio files.
  •  Control the music player with notifications, widgets, headset buttons.
  • Many other features  are available in this music player like music visualizations. gap less playback, timer e.t.c.

Music Player – MP3 player

Price- Free

Music Player – MP3 player is the one of the best music player available for Android with tons of features and beautiful designs.  It takes up little space on the carrier’s phone and provides the perfect music experience. It can be identified as a great music player for Android.

  • Users can set any image on the player as a background.
  • Apart from this, the application has excellent free background skins to use.
  • Any part of the song can be cut and set as a ringtone.
  • Playlists can be protected by auto or manual backup.


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