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If I tell you that, these women’s business ideas can prove profitable for you.

Would you not be interested in knowing that?

I don’t know what your reaction will be, but I can say that if you are interested in business, then something good is waiting for you in this post. So I urge you to stay with me till the end.

In today’s society, every woman wants to be self-sufficient. They no longer wish to confine themselves to the kitchen. Similarly, they are moving forward as the boys in different fields.

So, as a woman, if you are waiting for the right time to do something in the business field. Then I think the time has come.

Here I will share with you some business ideas that are suitable for you as a woman.

If you choose anyone after knowing these business ideas, I can assure you that you will be established.

So, why the delay? Let’s know these suitable women business ideas.

business ideas for women

List of 09 business ideas for women

Beauty parlor 

When a woman thinks of starting a business, the idea of ​​a parlor business comes to her mind first.

It is quite a common business idea for women. However, the idea of ​​a parlor business is not a bad one.

Easily, you can associate yourself with the parlor business if you want. You don’t need to be a skilled makeup artist for the parlor business.

It is possible to run a parlor business only with skilled staff. However, if you are a skilled makeup artist, you can manage the salon better.

Alternatively, you can start your business after complete a makeup course from a reputed makeup college.

You will have to spend Rs 10,000 to Rs 200,000 for different types of courses. However, it depends on the college you have select.

You should know that to start a parlor business, you have to invest 7 to 10 lakh rupees. Also, choosing the right place for this business is a vital responsibility.

Food delivery business 

If cooking is your hobby, then the food delivery business is perfect for you. In this business, you can earn money by feeding others.

It’s not exactly like the hotel business, but it’s somewhat similar. You do not need a specific place to set up the food delivery business. You can start this business from home.

It is often seen that college students go to different cheap hotels to eat while staying in hostels or mase. And we all know the quality of food in these types of hotels.

If you have a college near your home, you can make homemade meals for these students. But always try to provide good quality food, to grow your business.

In this business, you do not have to invest much money to start. In my opinion, this is the best business idea for women to start.

Childcare center / Daycare business

If you love spending time with kids, this is one of the happiest business ideas for women like you. You can start this business using your home as a childcare center.

In this busy life, many parents cannot take care of the child due to a lack of time. You can help all these parents by using your home as a childcare center.

But for this business, you need some more staff because you will not be able to take care of all the kids at once. Also, you have to invest 10,000 to 15,000 rupees to purchase baby stuff.

Handcraft business

Another great business that is available for girls is the handcrafted business. If you can make a variety of handmade products, you can go through this business.

You may be surprised to know that there are different categories of handicrafts, such as pottery, bamboo handicrafts, carpet weaving, shawl weaving, bag making, etc. Besides, many other examples are available in this business.

Depending on your ability, you can start your own business. After collecting raw materials from the market, you can earn a good amount of money by making products with it.

You can supply these products in different stores to deliver to the customer. Besides, online stores also have the opportunity to sell these products to you.

Dance Instructor

At present, boys and girls are taking up dance as a career besides studying. That’s why I think it’s a profitable business idea on this list. If you are a skilled dancer, this business is perfect for you.

You can start this business by taking some students in your home. If you start this business from home, the investment will not be too much.

However, if you want to do this business by forming an organization instead of home, you have to invest a lot of money.

I think this business should be set up at home in the beginning, if you do not want to spend more money. After increasing the number of students, you can think of creating an institution.

Bakery business

Starting a bakery business is not a difficult task for girls. If you can prepare different bakery products, it will prove to be profitable. It is possible to start this business from home.

The investment will be much less when you start this business from home. However, if you are willing to invest more, you can start a business through a bakery store.

But remember that you will have to pay extra for permits and food licenses when you begin this business through the bakery store. If necessary, you can also start a bakery business with a loan from a bank.

It is possible to make a profit by supplying the products produced in your house to different shops. Besides, there is a demand for such products in various online stores. I think this is an example of the most suitable business for women.

Tailoring business 

Starting a tailoring business as a woman is not a bad idea. If you are good at sewing, tailoring business will be profitable for you. It does not require much investment.

Your investment will be further reduced if you start this business from home. In this case, you only need to spend money on a sewing machine.

I think it will be best if you start this business at home in the beginning. You may want to consider opening a tailoring shop as your business grows.

Boutique business

Boutique business can be an ideal business for creative women. It is a good idea to start your career through this business.

Nowadays, the demand for boutique products is expanding wide in our country and abroad.

Though, it depends on product design, quality, modernity, and a different presentation. I can assure you that your business will do well if you can maintain customer satisfaction and consistency.

If you want to open your own boutique house, you don’t have to invest too much. However, it is essential to know about clothing design.

Modern design ideas and creativity are the main competencies of this business.

In this online age, you can create your e-commerce site to sell products. Besides, other popular e-commerce sites also have the facility to sell products.

Agarbatti making  

Candles are one of our daily necessities. It is one of the best small scale business for women to start.  You can start your own home-based candle business with minimal start-up costs.

In the beginning, you have to spend a little money on equipment. After investment in equipment, you can start the business by purchasing the raw materials from the market.

You can make a profit by supplying the products to different shops in your area. In my opinion, candle making is a simple business idea for women.

Required Investment & profit for these women business ideas

After knowing these women business ideas, you might be interested to know how much money you need to invest in these businesses.

You should know that some of these businesses discussed here require a large amount of money, again for some businesses, you will have to invest a very low amount.

Similarly, in the case of profit, differences can be noticed in these businesses.

I have published a table below about the investments and income profits of these women’s business ideas for your convenience. It will help you choose the right business for you.

Profit /MonthInvestmentProfit /Month
Beauty parlor 7-10 lakh₹20000 – ₹100000
Food delivery business ₹1000 – ₹5000₹1000 – ₹1500
Childcare center₹8000 – ₹10000₹20000 – ₹30000
Handcraft business₹2000 – ₹5000₹5000 – ₹10000
Dance Instructor₹00₹5000 – ₹10000
Bakery business₹800000 – ₹100000
(Including shop)
₹10000 – ₹20000
Tailoring business ₹7000- ₹10000
(Without shop)
₹5000 – ₹10000
Boutique business₹70000 – ₹10000
(Including shop)
₹20000 – ₹30000
Agarbatti making  ₹8000 – ₹10000₹7500 – ₹9000
Note:- All the values here are estimated.

Final word

I hope you are still with me. All the women business ideas I have given here are reliable to you. But you have to choose which business is right for you.

Since each of the business ideas discussed here requires a different investment, you need to start a business with the right thinking. If you think you will be able to earn a lot of money as soon as you begin the business, I will disappoint you.

It is not possible to make a lot of money in the early stages of starting a business. You need some time to start income from any business.

Finally, I would say, If you have the potential and patience, you can start your own business after choosing any idea from here.

Good luck for your future.

One more thing, you must comment below which one is suitable for you from this women business ideas list I’ve given. 


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