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Digitize India is a web portal run by the Indian government. Through this portal, you can earn money online sitting at home. It is a new initiative run by the Indian government. Digitize India platform is a portal controlled by the Indian government, which is part of the Digital India program. Its main goal is to digitize all the paperwork. Digitized India platform is made by the Government of India to provide digitalization services of real documents for any organization under the Digital India program. In this post, we are tried to share all the information with you about this platform.

Digitize india

What is the Digitize India Platform?

We already told you that, It is a web portal run by the Indian government where all types of paperwork are digitized. Its meaning is data entry work. By doing this kind of part-time job, you can earn lots of money sitting at home.

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Who can work on the Digitize India platform to earn money?

All the people of India can work on this platform to earn money. There is no need for any qualification to do this type of work. But you must have the basic knowledge to operate a computer. You can work here according to your time. House Wife, Student, Business Man, everyone can work on this platform to make some extra income. This is a good income source for the students.

How to register in Digitize India Portal?

Registration is effortless in this  Portal. For register, it is mandatory to have a mobile number and email id. Also, the Aadhaar card will be required during registration.

1) First of all, you need to access this government Portal with any browser by click here.

2) Then, on the right below, you will see an option called ‘Register Now.’ Click on it.

Digitize India

3) On the next page, you have to enter your name, gender, date of birth, and Aadhaar number in the specified field. After filling the form, you have to click on the “Validate    Aadhaar” Option to verify your Aadhaar number. But you have to remember that all the information given by you here must be correct. You can not create an account if you have entered any incorrect information.

4) After completing the validation process, you will need to enter the username, password, e-mail id, mobile number in the specified field. Then, you will receive an OTP in your enter mobile number, which you will have to place in the specified place.

5) After giving all information correctly, click the ‘Register Now‘ option.

6) Now your account has been successfully created.

How to start work on Digitize India Portal?

1) After creating the account successfully, you have to login your account by using username and password.

2) Now you will find an option called “Workspace” on the top of the right side, click on it and select the language.

3) After choosing the language, you will get a further option called ‘Load Workspace.’ you can start work by clicking on it.

How to add a bank account in this portal to withdraw money?

Generally, you do not need to add a bank account to withdraw money in the Digitized India portal. If you have a bank account link with your Aadhaar card, then your bank account will be automatically added to this portal. And if you do not have a bank account link with your Aadhaar card, you need to manually link your Aadhaar card with your bank account by visiting the bank. There is no other option to link the bank account directly with this portal.

How to withdraw money on from this portal?

You can quickly transfer money to the bank from here. You can transfer money to the bank by following these steps.

1) log in your account with username and password.

2) Then, you will find an option called  ‘Reward‘ on top of the right. Click on it.

3) Here you can see how many rewards you have received and also get the withdrawal option from here.

4) For that, you have to click on ‘Redeem Your Points.’ In the next page, you need to submit the balance point, remarks, and wallet pin.

5) Within a few days, you will get the money in the bank account.

Many people are working at this portal for online earning. If you want, you can also start working here as a part-time job. Hope you enjoy this information given by us. Do not forget to share this page with everyone if you like it. Do not forget to tell us how you want this new initiative of the Indian government.


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