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We are all using Facebook to spend some boring time. When you’re busy to uploading pictures on Facebook for likes, someone is earning thousands of dollars from the Facebook page. Many of us are listening about online income from Facebook. After hearing this, you might be wondering to thinking that ‘how to earn money from facebook’.

Beside this, you may have searched on google about ‘how to earn money from facebook’ to find different ways of online earning through Facebook.

There are several popular ways of earning online through Facebook. You maybe know some of these methods, but there are also have some unknown methods to earn online from Facebook. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to different aspects of income from facebook.

how to earn money from facebook

“how to earn money from facebook?”

Share Shorten link on the Facebook page:

You may have heard about Earning online from Shorten Link. Let’s talk a little bit about this – You will notice, when downloading something from a file download website.

After clicking on the download link, it will show ads for 5 to 10 seconds, and after viewing the ads, it is possible to download the file. Here, when you are waste 3-5 seconds to watching the ads.

In the same time, the owner of the website earns some money. Here, the owner of the website shortens the original download link of file and shares it with us.

When we click on that short link, we can access the original download link after seeing the advertisement. You can earn a good amount of money by shortening URL.

Affiliate marketing on the Facebook page:

If you are interested in online earning, then you must have heard about ‘Affiliate Marketing’. Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by helping other people to sell their products.

Affiliate marketing is called commission for selling other people’s products. You might think earning through affiliate marketing is possible only if you have a website.

This idea is absolutely wrong. You can also earn a good amount of money through affiliate marketing on Facebook. But if you have a popular page or group on Facebook, the task becomes easier.

Due to the high volume of traffic there, it is possible to make a huge amount of revenue. Here, your job is to share the affiliate link on your Facebook page for the affiliate site you have joined.

currently, all popular e-commerce websites in India are offer affiliate program. Among these, some popular websites are Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

How to join the Affiliate Program?

First, select the site in which you want to join as a affiliate partner. Then register with your Facebook page. Now select the product that your users prefer. Share the affiliate link of the product on your Facebook page.

When someone purchase any product from your link, you will receive a certain amount of commission for each sold product. The more products you can sell from shared links, the commission will be higher.

Some tips for making more income through affiliate marketing on Facebook:

  • Verify that your Facebook page user has an interest in the Affiliate products you share.
  • Only share the page related products. For example, you have a Facebook page related to Fashion, but there you are sharing links to various products related to Home Appliance. As a result, Shared products will not be sold.
  • Share the link by adding interesting description and a beautiful picture to make it attractive.
  • Keep an eye on the comment box on your page. Also, check the response of people  about the product. Help them choose the product they want.

Sponsored content sharing revenue:

You can earn a good amount of money from sponsored content on facebook. But for that, you need to have a Facebook page or group.

There are some companies who pay to promote their product or service on Facebook page or group. In this case, organizations use of your page or group to increase the popularity of their products or services.

But one thing to keep in mind, if the number of users in your page or group is low, then the chances of getting this type of offer are reduced.

Facebook page selling income:

You can also earn money by selling a Facebook page. For that, you have to create a page on Facebook. After creating a new page, you have to increase the number of followers of it.

That means you need to increase the popularity of the page you created. Then you can sell the page online and earn from it. If the number of users on your page is high, then you can get a good amount of money.

There two sites known for selling Facebook pages on online are – Fanpagecash and Fameswap. Besides, there are several groups on Facebook where you can advertise / post for selling the page.

If someone is interested in buying your page, he will contact you. This way, you can earn a good amount of money by selling Facebook page.

Sell ​​Products Directly on Facebook:

You can sell these kinds of product directly on facebook live such as clothing, jewellery or cosmetics product. This kind of selling method is called F-commerce. First, you need to buy the products from a wholesaler market and need to store them.

Then you can sell these products on Facebook Live. In this case, you can share all the information related to the products of the customers through live chat.

If someone wants to buy your product, you can send the product via courier.

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook has added a feature called Market Place to its platform. With this feature, you can listed different types of products or services here.

Just like an online shopping site where you can make money by selling the products you listed. You can promote your product for free by sharing it in groups or pages on Facebook.

How to earn money through the Market place?

  • First, you have need to buy some in-demand products from any wholesaler market — for example, earrings, sarees, salwar kameez, churidar, nighty or Men clothing. You need to select the products that are in demand in the market.
  • Then go to the ‘Facebook market place’ in your Facebook account and listed all product with picture and details. Also, include the mobile number to contact you.
  • Now, you need to share the product on different Facebook groups or pages so that the products reach at front of different people. You can also promote these products in any city or locality through Facebook ads.
  • If someone likes the product you are selling and is interested in buying, he can talk about the product by calling the mobile number you have provided.
  • Once the deal is final, you will need to deliver the product to the customer via courier.

Keep in mind that the key of online business is demand and prices. If you go into business with a product that is not in demand, you may suffer losses. If you can provide good things at a lower price to the customer, he will buy more from you later.

Facebook ads breaks:

Video monetization is one of the most popular and new ways to earn from Facebook. It is also popular by many as ‘Facebook ads breaks’. Its allows you to earn revenue by displaying ads on your uploaded videos.

Let’s get into the details. To earn through Facebook ads breaks, you need to have a popular Facebook page. It’s just like video monetization on YouTube.

In the same way, you can generate a good amount of revenue by showing ads on your facebook videos. However, there are some criteria for earning through ‘ads breaks’ on Facebook.

Instant Article:

You can also earn online through Instant Articles on Facebook. Let’s find out how to earn from an instant article on facebook? Every day a lot of news flows in our Facebook newsfeed.

To read the news, we need to click on the link and required a browser. Here we spent too much time to read the news. To reverse this experience, Facebook has introduced a new feature called instant articles.

As a result, if you click on a link to read a news, you don’t need any help from any browser. You can read the news on Facebook without a browser. Now you may be wondering to thinking that “how to earn from here?” You need a blog to earn through the instant article on facebook.

That means, if you are a blogger, then you can be eligible to earn through instant article features. You will also need a Facebook page for that site.

After adding your website and Facebook page on the instant article program, the content published on the site should be shared on the page.

Facebook will publish ads on your instant article for which you will be paid. If your website is Adsense approved, it will not impact on site.

Facebook Study Application:

One of the easiest ways to earn from Facebook is by using the Facebook study application. You may have heard about this application. The name of the application is study, but it is not a study app.

This is a new project of Facebook that pays users for their information. You don’t have to do anything here. Just download and install this app on your mobile.

After installing this study app on your phone, it will collect various information about smartphone and other apps. And using the information, Facebook will get an idea of ​​its competing app and technology market.

Its will allow them to bring new products to the market, considering the needs of the customers, which will increase their revenue. And Facebook pays you for this information.

Data that the application will collect from your phone:

  • Types of applications you are installed on your phone.
  • The app installed on your phone.
  • The time you spend on these apps.
  • Device and network provider information.

However, Facebook has said that they will not collect any user ID, password, or any kind of document from your phone. You have the right to customize the permissions. According to Facebook, the app will be entirely under the control of the customer.

Earning from Facebook Group:

First of all, this feature hasn’t been launched yet. It is currently experimental condition. You can make money on Facebook easily from the group.

In this case, you need to have a popular group on Facebook. Facebook is bringing a subscription model to group membership. If you have a popular group and someone want to become a member of your group, he will have to pay a subscription fee for joining.

The user may be charged a subscription fee of $ 5 to $ 25 for membership. However, the subscription-free will depend on the category of the group. Again, this feature has not been launched yet; it is in the experimental condition.

We hope, Now maybe you have no more questions about ” How to earn money from facebook”. Here, we have discussed all the ways to earn from Facebook. Many people are establishing themselves through the popular social media platform Facebook.

The best part is that, any one can earn through applying these way. If you are interested about online earning, you can earn from Facebook with the right use of your talent and time. If you are like this post shear it with your friend and family.


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