Google is a very familiar name to the world. And that’s Google has provided us the opportunity of online earning for a long time. If you believe in online earning, then maybe you must try to know ‘How to earn money from google.’ Believe me, millions of people around the world search on Google about ‘How to earn money from google.’ There are various ways to earn online from Google, but they are not an easy task.

 If you think earning from Google is an effortless way, then you are wrong. You need to know the necessary knowledge and need to choose the right path. In this post, we will introduce you to the various ways of online earning from Google. So if you want to earn thousands of dollars by using Google sitting in front of a computer, then this post will benefit you.

how to earn money from google

“How to earn money from google?”

Earn Money From Blogging:

Currently, blogging is one of the best ways to earn online. First, let me give you some ideas about blogging. When we search for a keyword on Google, Google shows us various websites, and we get the information we need from those websites. Here the website owner provides information as well as ads that make an earning for him.

This way, you can generate a huge amount of money from home through blogging. Lots of People around the world have considered blogging as the primary source of income. And it is true that they are making a lot of money through blogging.

 What to Know Before Starting Blogging?

If you are interested in online earning through blogging, then you need to know a few things about it before starting. Definitely, you need planning before starting a new blog. You need to think about the niche in which you start a blog. You have to think about what you are passionate about. If you are interested in technology and you have knowledge about it, then you can start a blog on this topic.


Then the most important thing to do is to select the domain name. That is the address of your blog called domain. To attract readers, you need to keep the URL of the website in harmony with the chosen topic. You also need to keep the blog address simple so that any visitor can easily remember your blog address.

Choosing the Right Hosting:

The most important thing you have to do after selecting a domain is to purchase proper and advanced hosting. At present, many bloggers set up their blogs in free hosting sites such as, e.t.c. The most difficult part of using all of these hostings is that you cannot customize the blog as you wish. However, the advantage of using these is that they are available for free. You don’t have to pay any annual charge.

On these types of free hosting platforms, everyone can build websites very easily. Apart from these, there are some paid hosting companies which provide space to bloggers for little money. In all these paid hostings, you can easily create your own blog by installing WordPress.
With WordPress, you can create websites without knowing any programming language. You can customize the website to your liking by installing on hosting. If you set up your blog on or, there may be some issues with the popularity of the website. So it is best to use paid service in advance.

How to earn money from google through blogging?

The two most popular ways to make money from blogging are from Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Basically, Big bloggers around the world earn money with these two methods. However, in this post, we will tell how to earn money from google through Google Adsense. Do you know? The easiest and most specific way to earn online from a blog or website is to monetize it with Google AdSense. With Google Adsense, you can earn from Google by display ads on your blog.

The ads displayed on your blog can be varied. For example, image ads, video ads, or link ads. When a visitor clicks on these ads displayed by Google AdSense on your blog or website, some income will be generated on your Adsense account. In this way, daily income becomes a large amount at the end of the month. When you get $100 in AdSense, you can transfer the amount to the bank. To make a lot of money from Google Adsense, you need to increase the number of traffic to your blog. In addition to clicks, Google also pays you for advertising impressions.

 What is Google Adsense?

Now let me give you some idea about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a Google service through which the advertiser can advertise their product or service on the Internet by paying money. In this case, Google allows bloggers to earn money online by showing an advertisement to the visitors. You could call it an advertising network. Here, Google offers 55% of his revenue to the publisher instead of displaying advertising.

How to apply for AdSense?

We hope, you understand that you need a blog or website to earn money online through AdSense. Because you can display ads when you have a blog or website, after successfully creating a blog and publishing some articles, you can apply for Google AdSense. You can apply for Adsense through the signup and form fillup by visiting the Google AdSense website.

When you apply for AdSense, the website will be reviewed by Google, but it may take a few days. In this case, you must comply with the Google AdSense program policies and terms and conditions for approval. Within a few days after applying for Google Adsense, you will be notified by email whether the application is accepted or rejected.

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  Earn money from youtube:

In addition to blogging, YouTube is another popular way of online earning through Google. Currently, there are thousands of YouTubers in the country and abroad who are making so much money from the YouTube channel that they don’t need any other job to do. They accepted YouTube as a full-time job. Many are earning millions of rupees a month from YouTube only. Earning online from YouTube is easy, but it requires proper knowledge to start.

 Let’s know how to earn online from YouTube?

As you all know, we use YouTube to watch videos. Now you maybe guess how it is possible to earn from YouTube. Uploading videos is the only way to earn from YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos can quickly start earning. But before creating a new channel, you need a proper plan. You have to think about what you are passionate about. You have to open the channel by selecting a category you like.

Then the most important thing to do is to select the channel name. After creating the channel, you will need to upload regular videos. When you get some traffic from the video, then you can think about earning. Then you can apply for monetization for the channel. After enabling this feature, you will be able to earn from your uploaded videos. Once monetization features are enabled, ads will be displayed on the video. Google will pay you a portion of their income for displaying these ads.

 How to enable monetization on YouTube videos?

After selecting a category of your choice and opening a YouTube channel, you will need to upload the video. Then you need to increase the popularity of your channel, i.e., increase the number of subscribers. That way, when the number of subscribers of the channel exceeds 1000, you will be eligible for video monetization. But apart from 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time will be required to enable monetization.
You will find an option call Monetization in youtube settings. You can apply for monetization from here. After applying for monetization, you will have to wait a while. Because, after applying, the YouTube official team will review the channel. YouTube will check, is the videos are violating any policies! YouTube will enable monetization of your channel within a few days if all is well.

The five ideas for Creating a YouTube Channel


Currently, tech channels are gaining popularity. So if you are interested in technology, you can easily open a tech channel and share your knowledge with everyone. These types of channels can easily gain the number of subscribers. So by choosing this category, you can earn a good amount of money by sharing knowledge.

Apps review:

Nowadays, we all use Android phones. And the number of Android apps on the Google Playstore is not less. Although we download various apps from the Playstore, but we do not know about all the apps. So, you can open a channel related to apps reviews on youtube.

Mobile Phone Reviews:

Currently, mobile phone reviews are a popular category on YouTube. Today, many YouTubers are earning millions by just doing mobile reviews. So you can also make a good amount of money by creating a channel and reviewing the newly launched mobile. But before giving a useful review, you have to monitor the mobile and tell the viewer the good and bad aspects of it.

Tutorial video:

Nowadays, many people are earning by uploading tutorial videos on YouTube. Because tutorial videos become very popular on YouTube easily. So by choosing this category, you can generate a good amount of income on youtube

Food making video:

If you know different recipes, then here is a chance to become successful on YouTube by opening a channel for food recipes. You can make good revenue by uploading Food recipe on the channel.

Earn from Android Application:

Another popular method of earning online from Google is Admob. When we download an application from the Google Playstore, the advertisement displayed on it. In this case, the developer of the application earning by displaying ads to us. This feature is similar to Adsense. Admob can only be used to displayed advertisements on the app, and on the other hand, AdSense can be used to displayed ads in blogs and YouTube videos.

However, to earn from Google through the app, you need to know Android development.
You can also start earning by making an application with the help of an Android developer. If you get a good amount of traffic, the app will multiply your earnings. You will need to apply for the AdMob after publishing the app on Google Playstore. If the application is approved, you have to place the Ads units in the app. However, you have to be aware that excessive ads can annoy the user, so it is better not to place more Ads.

 Google Reward Program:

Google Reward Program is a reward based program launched by Google. This program Rewarded users for participating in the Google survey. This Google rewards program is available for both Android and IOS users. Android users can use the earning credit to purchase paid applications from the Google Play Store. And ISO users can withdraw the credit through PayPal. If you want to earn through Google’s Opinion Reward, you need to be above 18 years of age. You can access this rewards program through an application called the ‘Google Rewards Program’ available on the Google Playstore.

However, this program is not available for all countries. Currently available only for 22 countries, including India. Earned play credit from the survey will depend on the number of questions asked. Answering the questions honestly will be valuable to Google. As a result, you will get more surveys from Google. At initially, you won’t get Google Play credit after participation in any survey. These surveys will be shown by Google to verify the quality of your answer.


We Hope now you have no more questions about “how to earn money from google”? We have discussed above all the popular ways to earn from Google. In our opinion, it is much easier and more reliable to work on google instead of freelancing websites. Works such as blogging, video content making are currently gaining popularity faster and hold the first position. Besides, this kind of work doesn’t require much experience. This type of work can make a lot of money by investing a little bit. However, to be successful in any work requires hard work and attention. So if you are thinking of earning from Google, then you can give it a try.


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