Netflix India: Prices, features and compared with YouTube, Hotstar.

Updated on August 28th, 2019 at 12:52 am

Netflix India is currently India’s popular online video streaming service. Here you can watch all kinds of TV shows and movies by streaming online. In 1997, American resident Reid Hastings and March Randolph set up this online video streaming platform in California. The video streaming platform Netflix had launched in India three years ago.  Netflix makes some programs called Netflix Original, which is available on Netflix. Netflix has a higher monthly subscription charge in India, but its popularity has not had any effect. The company’s business is a complete subscription-based, which offers movies and television programs streaming. Netflix has 148 million paid subscribers throughout the world, according to the April 2014 calculation, of which 60 million from the United States. It has offices in the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Japan and South Korea. Netflix is ​​a member of the company named Motion Pictures of America.

Netflix India

What kind of shows is available on Netflix India?

There are many types of programs you can stream online on Netflix India. Here you can see all kinds of movies and different kinds of web series. You can access all of this from the Netflix website or the application. Netflix’s app is available for all types of platforms. According to the 2011 Nielsen Survey, 42 percent of the users are streaming to Netflix via the computer. Here are some of the movie listings for you that you can see while using trial subscriptions (the Hauntings Of Hill House, Ghoul, Outlander, Black Mirror, Sex Education, Lucifer, Sherlock).

List of Netflix monthly subscription charge in India with features:

You need to know that you will not get the annual subscription service on Netflix.  Here You will have to buy monthly subscription services for streaming online. You can get three types of plan on Netflix. You can find a variety of services in different planes. These are basic plans, standard plans, and premium plans. Let’s take a look at what kind of service you can get in a plan.

All FeaturesBASIC (₹ 500)    STANDARD (₹ 650)PREMIUM (₹ 800)
HD availableNoYesYes
Ultra HD availableNoNoYes
Screens you can watch on at the same time 124
Available on laptop, TV, phone, and tabletYesYesYes
Unlimited films and TV programsYesYesYes
Cancel at any time YesYesYes

 How you can create a new user account on Netflix?

1)  First, you need to open Netflix official website on your computer or mobile. You can also use Netflix’s application here.

2) Then click on the “Join Free For A Month” button of your computer screen on the left side.

3) You have to select one of these three plans of Netflix then scroll down and enter your email id and password to sign up.

4) On the next page, you will need to turn on subscription by paying with your credit card or debit card. Here enter your credit card or debit card details and click on “Start Membership” to complete the purchase.

Netflix competitor in India:

Currently, there are present some online video streaming platforms in India. Among those popular are Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Tubby, etc. Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video are very populous in India. These can be considered as a competitor of Netflix. Apart from this, the subscription charges of these streaming platforms are less than Netflix. Because of this, lots of people prefer this service (Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video).

Difference between YouTube and Netflix:

At present Netflix and YouTube, both are giant online video streaming portal. In Netflix, you can watch different types of web series, movies, but YouTube does not offer you this type of service. In my opinion, there is no steaming platform that could defeat YouTube. You all know that almost everyone in the world uses YouTube. So it is stupidity to compare Netflix with YouTube. We have written some of the differences here between these two online streaming platforms.

1) You can upload videos by creating your channel on Youtube, but you cannot do any of these things on Netflix.

2) To use Netflix, you have to pay a monthly service charge, but you do not have to pay any charges for YouTube uses.

Difference between Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix:

Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video these three online video streaming platforms are very popular in India. As mentioned earlier, these two could be considered as a competitor of Netflix. Let’s check, what is the difference between these three video streaming platforms?

1) Firstly, the subscription charges for these. Netflix subscription charges in India are much higher than the rest of the two platforms.
2) You will not get the opportunity to watch online live tv on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But the Hotstar gives you this facility.
3) You get the benefits of online streaming in Full HD mode on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. But you can not enjoy video in full HD mode in HotStar.
4) Also, face some lagging problem with Hotstars for some time. However, In Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s do not have this kind of problems.

Some things about Netflix that are unknown to you:

 Netflix was known as Kibal earlier:

At first, this online video streaming platform was not known as Netflix. At first, it was named ‘Kibal’. The company was initially started by renting DVD cassettes. After the launching of its online video streaming service, it was renamed Netflix.

Netflix Age:

You might be surprised to know that Netflix age is ​​more than Google’s age. This company was founded in 1997. In this time, the company was working on renting DVD cassettes. Netflix is ​​a year older than Google.

Netflix Subscriber Number:

There are currently 148 million paid subscribers worldwide on Netflix. Among them, there are only 60 million subscribers from the US.

15 percent of internet traffic comes from Netflix:

Netflix uses much more bandwidth because of the online video streaming platform service. 15 percent of the total internet traffic in the world is coming from Netflix.


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