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As you all know, WhatsApp is currently the most popular massaging app in the world. The application has more than 1.5 billion users around the world. So I hope you do not have to introduce this application again. Beautiful design and simple interface are the main reasons for the application’s popularity. Due to its immense popularity, new features have been added for the users on behalf of the company. WhatsApp has many minor features that many users are not aware of. This post discusses some of the great new features of whatsapp that a user must know about.

New features of whatsapp

List Of all New features of whatsapp:

Stop saving media to the phone gallery:

If someone sends you a picture or video on WhatsApp and if you save it, it is displayed in the phone gallery by default. If you do not like it, you can save it to the ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder outside of Phone Gallery. For that, Open WhatsApp>> go to Settings >>and click on the chat option. Here, turn off the Media Visibility option which is already turned on by default. From then on, the media will no longer appear in the phone gallery. However, this is not available to media that already exists.

Use WhatsApp on computer:

Now users can use WhatsApp on a computer without smartphone. And the best news is that users will not need to install any software separately. Here users can log in their WhatsApp account on the computer using QR code. By following the steps given below, users can log into their WhatsApp account on the computer.

  •  First, the user has to click on the link provided here to access the website called WhatsApp Web. After entering the website a QR code will appear on the screen.
  •  Then the user will have to launch the WhatsApp application and click on the three dots at the top right.
  •  Many options will be seen here, but the user will have to select the ‘WhatsApp Web’ option.
  •  Now scan the given QR code on the computer screen.
  • Once the scan is complete, the user will be able to access his WhatsApp account on the computer.

Chat backup:

WhatsApp does not store any user data on its server. All the user’s data is stored in his / her own phone. So if the users change the phone, his data is no longer returned. However, this new feature of WhatsApp allows users to backup all data to Google Drive. This will allow users to find all deleted data and messages at any time. For this, visit the WhatsApp settings option >> Chat>> Chat backup and link Gmail account. Then set the backup time. As per the time set, the backup will be automatically made to Google Drive.

Change number:

WhatsApp account is associated with the user’s mobile number. So many people think that the number already added to WhatsApp cannot be changed. But this idea is not true at all. Users can change the mobile number without losing account data through this feature. See how it is possible to change the mobile number on WhatsApp.

  •  Go to Setting option on whatsapp and click on ‘Account’.
  • Then click on the ‘Change Number’ option and click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Here the user will have to enter both the old and new mobile number.
  •  After verification the OTP, new number will be updated with the account.

Document Sharing:

users can now easily share any type of file with someone, such as pictures, songs, documents (PDF, DOC, ZIP). However, it is not possible to send any file over 100 megabytes through WhatsApp.

Status updates using photos, videos or GIFs:

In the beginning, only one line status update of WhatsApp was used. But now the status feature has been improved a lot like the story on Facebook and Instagram. It is also a new feature of whatsapp. Users can use images, videos or GIF animations as WhatsApp status, which can last up to 24 hours.

These new features of whatsapp are very useful to a user. Using these features will give a user a new experience.


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