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Currently, data entry jobs have become an easy way to earn online. Many people have made themselves independent by producing online income through data entry jobs. Many people have changed their destiny by doing online data entry jobs from home.

Apart from this, many employed people are earning millions by taking it as a part-time job. In some cases, people have quit their jobs and admitted the data entry as a full-time job.

Besides, the students of the college are working on data entry to make themselves independent. The best part is that you can perform online data entry jobs from home.

In this post, we are tried to give you complete information about the online data entry jobs from home. So if you too are thinking of making good amount of money through data entry job, then this post will provide you complete information about data entry job.

online data entry jobs from home

What is Online Data Entry Jobs?

With the development of information technology, the data or information of various companies is continuously increasing. Therefore, the data of those companies are computerized or transcript through data entry.

In Simple, storing data of a program into a spreadsheet file. The idea of ​​data entry has been around since the beginning of computer use. At present, data entry work has increased as it is possible to exchange information through the internet.

Required Skills for online data entry jobs from home:

The task of data entry is effortless. Any person can easily earn millions by doing this at home. You do not need to complete any course or require a valuable degree for this job.

Basic knowledge of computer management and internet surfing is sufficient. Apart from this, the skills that will always be needed are- the ability to quickly type, full possession of Microsoft Word and especially Microsoft Excel, good knowledge of English.

You also need the ability to search for any information on the internet and must have a good idea about different types of websites, forums, web directories.

Types of online data entry jobs:

Various types of data entry work are available in freelancing sites. However, some of the most important data entry tasks are – uploading files to a website, storing various information in Excel files, writing articles for websites, creating backlinks for websites, helping to sell multiple products online, surfing the internet and saving information. Below is a detailed discussion of some of the data entry tasks.

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Providing local business information

In this work, you need to collect some information such as name, address, phone number, etc. of different types of business organizations in a particular area through the internet as per the buyer’s demand.

Buyer will later use this information for marketing purposes. To complete this, you need to collect information through the internet and save it to an Excel file to deliver the buyer.

As remuneration for this project, Bayer already determines an Amount that has to be credit after work.

Collecting Data from Website

Buyer will give you a list of some websites for this type of data entry. As a provider, you have to collect data from those websites and create a document.

Since this task involves copying data from website, no particular experience is required to perform this task. You were given a service charge of 5 to 10 dollars, to complete the work.

Audio transcription

Some pre-recorded audio files will be provided to you from the buyer. Your job is to create a document file by listening to that audio file. In this case, you need to create the document file in the language as per buyer demand.

Buyer determines a fixed-rate for hourly audio file transcription. But for this work, you must be proficient in different languages.

Captcha Entry

Solving a captcha is also a type of job in data entry. Capture is a picture made by some letters or numbers that have to be solved during registration on a site for Human Verification. One to two dollars will be paid for every 1,000 capture solves.

Linkedin Data Collection

In this work, You need to collect user data from Linkedin and create a list as per the demand of Buyer. The remuneration of this type of work is high because you have to invest more time in this job.

Instagram Data Collection

In the same way, you need to collect user data from Instagram and create a list as per the demand of Bayer in this work. That means, making a list of the user’s favourite products. Buyer is marketing his product by using this data.

It is possible to earn 5-15 $ to complete each project. Sometimes the fees are more, but it depends on Bayer.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing or scrubbing is a type of data entry job. Here, you need to correct or delete the errors after detecting from a database.

But for this work, you need to be proficient in English, as most databases are in the English language. These data can be an Excel file or a Word file spreadsheet.

Online form fill up

Here, a document or database will be shear to you from the buyer. You have to copy the value from the database and need to paste it in the correct place of the online form.

For data entry work, always fill the online form with accurate information.

Document Conversion

A document file of the PDF format will be provided in this type of project. Then your task is to make a copy of the PDF file in the Microsoft Word format.

That means, transferring the PDF file to the doc file. For this project, different bids will be seen on various sites.

Online Survey Job

You will need to participate in various online surveys for this type of work. You can earn a large amount of money by participating in different kinds of surveys.

However, the information you give when completing the survey must be correct. For this, a certain amount of money will be credit on behalf of the buyer.

Email Finding

In this work, you need to create a database by collecting email IDs of peoples. The database will be useful for Bayer’s for business marketing.

Image to Word

In this kind of work, you will be given some image files from Bayer. You need to convert the text contained in this image file into a Word file.

For this, you can earn up to 300 to 400 Indian rupees per project. However, you have to complete the task within a specific time frame.

Benefit of online data entry jobs

  • You can do these types of jobs at home.
  • No particular educational qualifications are required. Anyone can apply for this job.
  • Here, have a chance to make a good amount of money from data entry jobs.
  • You can work on it according to your own time.
  • Also, the scope of getting data entry work is very wide.

Inconvenience of online data entry jobs

  • At first, getting a job becomes a bit difficult. Work is not available due to a lack of experience. However, if you can complete a small number of projects, it is possible to get more job from the same buyer. Besides, if you can attract a buyer by completing a project, the possibility of getting a good rating is increased. If your profile has an excellent rating, you will quickly get a lot of projects.
  • In some cases, a single person can not complete many data entry tasks in time. For this, a team of 5 to 10 members may be required.
  • An Internet connection with good speed is required. If your internet speed is not good, you will not be able to complete the task, and as a result, rating become low.
  • Data entry tasks are very time consuming and Boring.

Some popular site which provide online data entry jobs from home:


Freelancer is a very popular global marketplace website. On this site, you can join as a freelancer or buyer. The company was founded in 2009. Its headquarter is situated in Sydney, Australia.

The company also has offices in Buenos Aires, Vancouver, London, Manila and Jakarta. Here you will find thousands of online data entry jobs. After completing a project on this site, you have to pay a 10% commission of your earning.


Upwork is a very popular freelancing website. At first, it was named as Alliance-Odesk, but in 2015 it was renamed as Upwork. The company is currently based in Mountain View and San Francisco, California.

The site has about 12 million users, and about three million jobs are submitted every year. Now, it has become the largest freelancers marketplace in the world. A large amount of data entry work is available on this site.

Through this platform, clients have the opportunity to interact directly with a variety of freelancers and agencies through chat or video call. There are various projects available at fixed and hourly rates.

It is possible to withdraw you’re earning from upwork through PayPal, Pioneer and Bank transfer methods.


Fiverr is an online marketplace known for freelance services. The platform was established in 2010 to provide freelancing services to customers worldwide. Miha Kaufman and Shai Wininger are the founders of Fiverr.

The site includes various types of data entry work. Fees for Fiverr services can start from 5 to 10 dollars. Here you have to complete a project at a fixed price.

Hourly jobs are not available in Fiverr. Along with the website, you can also receive Fiverr services through the application.

The company released its Android app on the Google Play Store in the 2013. The app is also available for ISO platform.


Peopleperhour is a UK based company and an online marketplace known for freelance services. Peopleperhour was founded by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris in 2007.

More than 3 million people are making money on this site through freelancing. This freelancing portal provides a massive amount of data entry work.

Here you can earn by completing various projects at a fixed price and hourly rate. You can use PayPal, Skrill, Pioneer and bank transfer methods to withdraw your earning. is an American freelancing site, where you can earn through both fixed price and hourly projects. All types of data entry jobs are available on this site. PayPal, Pioneer and Bank Transfer method are available on this platform to withdrawal the earning.

How much money you can earn from online data entry jobs per month?

Currently, you can earn up to 10,000 to 2 lakhs rupees per month by working on data entry jobs in online freelancing market places.

But it all depends on your work skills, experience and sincerity. Apart from experience, you have to spend a lot of time to earn a good amount of money. By working in this field with patience and sincerity, you will gain many job offers.


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