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Nowadays, many people are making money through online survey jobs. So, If you also want to make money through the survey job, then it is not a bad idea. Most of the people try to spend their leisure time through work.

From this point of view, the survey job may be suitable for your leisure time. Now you may have the question what is the online survey job? Let us discuss the matter clearly. I hope you’re familiar with the survey term.

Since these surveys are provided through the Internet, they are called online surveys. In this work, you have to provide your own opinion on the products of different companies. Different companies want to know the opinions of people about the quality of their products.

You will be paid for expressing your own opinion on the company’s products. However, you need to be careful to do the survey job because some fake websites are available on the Internet, which doesn’t pay after doing the work.

Here are some genuine sites for you who provide online survey jobs. You can start working on these sites with certainty.

online survey jobs

Five Genuine Online Survey Jobs Site


Triaba is a popular website where online survey jobs are available. Here you will find no other way of online income other than the survey. The interface of this site is very simple and attractive. As a result, the site is very easy to manage.

You can join this site at any time through free registration. Every day, 5 to 6 surveys are available in the panel box, which is enough to earn a good amount of money. How much money will be paid for each survey its depending on the survey?

You will get between 30 to 350 rupees to complete each survey. Let me tell you about the payout. A PayPal account is required to withdrawal the earnings from here. Besides, you can also buy Gift Cards through G code after earning 80 points.

However, if you choose PayPal to withdraw, you will be able to withdraw it after earning 350 rupees. And the withdrawn amount will be transferred to the bank account within 3-5 days.

Opinion world

Opinion world is not far behind in popularity in online survey jobs. Also famous for providing sufficient online survey for users. After joining the site, you can start online earning by completing the survey.

However, if you are under 18 years of age, it is possible to join here only after obtaining the permission of your parents. After registering here, various surveys will be provided to you on the daily basis.

But what kind of surveys you will get its entirely depend on your profile? So, you need to arrange your profile better to get a lot of surveys. I am sure; now you want to know how to withdrawal the earning? Various ways are available to cash out, such as Paytm, PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, etc. You can choose any one of these to withdrawal your earnings.

Panel station

Panel Station is an excellent website for online survey jobs. Around 5 million people in the world have chosen this website to do the survey job. So, you can guess the popularity of this site.

After visiting the site for the first time, you will realize that the site is very user-friendly to use. Like other sites, this site also provides surveys based on the user profile. You will be given between 100 to 5000 points for completing each survey.

However, points will depend on the type of survey you have complete. You can change these points to cash from the reward section. The exciting thing is that you can access the site through the application.

It allows you to participate in surveys from anywhere through the app. Let me tell you about the withdrawal. PayPal, Amazon Gift card, vouchers, are available for withdrawal. Choose any one from these to withdrawal.

However, before the withdrawal, you must be sure that your account has at least 3000 points. A withdrawal request will not be accepted if the account has less than 3000 points.


Swagbucks is another popular website for online survey jobs. You may be surprised to know that nearly 3 million users are regularly completing various tasks on this site. Multiple tasks are available besides survey, which provides an excellent income opportunity.

Apart from the survey, you can earn points by playing games, watching videos, playing quizzes. If you want to make a little extra money, then it would be wise to choose this site. Swagbucks also allows its users to earn points through the ‘Refer & Earn’ feature.

If you join any friend to this site through the Refer & earn program, you will get 300 points for free. While working on this site, I made a lot of points through the referral program, which gave me a good amount of income.

A variety of gift cards available to Point Exchange. If you choose to take money instead of the gift card, you need to have a PayPal account, which will transfer the money directly to the bank.


ysence is a very trusted PTC website available on the Internet. ysence is very well known for providing small surveys. It has been known as Clicksense in the past, but now it is known as ysence.

Here, You can earn most of the money by completing different surveys. In addition to the survey, many other tasks are available to earn, such as watching videos, downloading apps, signups on various websites. Since 2007, the site has been paying users instead of completing multiple tasks.

You will get access to various tasks after signup. Instead of completing any survey, 0.5 to 5 dollars will be credited to your wallet. You will be happy to know that “Refer & Earn” program is also available on this platform.

If you join another person through your referral link, 2 dollars will be credited to your account. Besides, you will receive 20% earning of your referral partner when he complete a task. PayPal, Pioneer, Skrill, Steam – all these transaction methods are available here, which can be used to withdrawal the earning.

Why do we work on online survey jobs providing sites?

Look, it entirely depends on your decision. If you want to make some extra income besides your current job, it can provide extra earning to you. However, you need to choose the right platform; otherwise, you can fall into the scam. If you fall into the trap of scamming, you will waste your valuable time and also lose faith from online earning.

How much money can you earn monthly through online survey jobs?

It is a very important question. Before start working in this field, you must know how much money you can earn in a month. How much money you can earn monthly its will depend on your work. The longer you work, the more you will earn.

Most of the sites listed here are offering the users at least 0.5 $ to 5 $ to complete a survey. So if you participate in 10 surveys a day, on an average, you will get one dollar for each survey that means 10 dollars per day.

In this way, ten dollars per day will turn into 300 dollars at the end of the month. Just Imagine, you will earn 300 dollars from a single website at the end of the month. So, If you work on three sites at a time, you can easily make between $800 and $900 at the end of the month.

Advantage of doing survey job

  • First, Its allow you to earn money from home.
  •  Provide an income opportunity without any physical effort.
  • Complete freedom to work. You will be not pressurized by someone.
  • Have the advantage of working according to your own time.
  • No time limit to complete any project.
  • We have not required any marketing skills.
  • No need to invest money.

Some difficulty of survey jobs

  • You can feel bore sometimes.
  • Occasionally you may not be qualified for various surveys.

I think these two difficulties is not a big deal. We face this kind of trouble in any work. So you need to pay attention to the work and avoid these small problems.

My experience

Now I am not involved with this type of survey work. But when I was in college in 2015, I do this kind of survey jobs for my pocket money. At the end of every month, I was making $400 to $500 through this work. So if you are a student, you can use this opportunity for online income.


In the end, I would like to say that to be successful in any field, hard work is required. In the same way, you have to work hard if you want to earn a good amount of money from the Internet. However, it is relatively easy to earn through online survey jobs from other online earning methods. So, I think, instead of sitting at home on leisure, you should try to earn through this kind of online survey job.


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