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The only thing left to do after applying for a PAN card is to check the PAN card status. By checking the PAN status, its processing can be monitored. If you have applied for a PAN, you can also monitor its processing. Anyone can track their PAN card after applying for it. Pan card can be tracked in two ways, online or offline. Acknowledge number or application number is required to track PAN status for both online or offline. Whereas PAN card can be applied from these two portals, NSDL and UTI, So here we are discussing how to track PAN card from these two portals.

PAN card status

How to check PAN card status in NSDL portal?

If the applicant has applied for PAN card through NSDL portal, then he can easily track the PAN card and check its status. This portal offers the ability to track the PAN card in three ways. By phone, through messaging and online. All these methods are discussed below.

By phone call:

An applicant can know the PAN status through a phone call. The Applicant will need to dial this 020 – 2721 8080 number to track their PAN status.

By sending Massage:

An applicant can know the status of PAN card by sending a message. He needs to type a message in the following format and send it to 57575. Example, ‘NSDLPAN 012345678910111’ and send it to 57575.

Through Online:

1) First, the applicant will have to visit the NSDL site by clicking on this link.

2) Here, under the ‘Application type‘ select the PAN card and enter the 15 digits Acknowledge number below. Then click on the submit button by putting the capture code in the blank space.

PAN card status3) If the information given by the applicant is correct, the status of the PAN card will be displayed on the next page.

How to check the PAN card status in UTI portal?

Those who apply for PAN card through UTI portal also can easily track PAN through application number. Below are the steps to check the PAN status on the UTI portal.

1) The applicant will need to click on this link to enter the website.

2) On this page, the applicant will have to enter the ‘Application Number‘, Birthday and Capture code in the appropriate place and click the submit option.

PAN status

3) On the next page, you will see the PAN status.

Frequently Ask Questions About Status check:

  • After how many days PAN status will be tracked?

Status can not be checked within 24 hours of applying. For this, at least 2-3 days have to wait. It will be possible to check the status of after 2-3 days.

  • What documents do you need to check the PAN status?

An applicant who has applied for their PAN card from NSDL Portal they must know the Acknowledge number to check pan status. And those who apply for PAN through UTI portal can check PAN status through application number.

  • How many methods are available to check pan status on the UTI portal?

On the UTI portal, only the PAN status can be checked in online mode. Status can not be checked via phone call or message.


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