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In this digital age, online transactions is associated with our daily life. From online shopping to buying train tickets, we use digital currency most of the time, that is, we value the Cashless Transaction. But you have to admit; we need to check the bank account balance and statement repeatedly when doing the online transaction. Because to aware of how much money we spend on different purposes.

If you are a SBI customer, then you know that there was a time when we had to visit the bank to check the account balance. Then came a time when we were able to check the balance through ATMs. But now there are many ways to check the SBI account balance. With which you will be able to check the sbi account balance without visiting the bank. Here we are going to discuss all the ways to check sbi balance. It is very important for all SBI customers to know all the methods of checking sbi balance.

Sbi balance check with Five Easy Ways Without Visiting Branch.

SBI balance

SBI balance check with internet banking:

Internet banking is now an essential service for customers. Internet banking allows you to do all banking related activities online. Besides online balance enquiry, many more tasks can be performed with internet banking at home. The service will also help you if you want to check the account’s transaction history. No monthly or annual charges are required for the service. You can apply for the service by visiting the bank or from home.

SBI balance check With UPI:

UPI is an easy way to check online account balance, besides online transactions. To check the SBI account balance through UPI, you need to download the UPI application from Playstore or Sbi’s official website. PlayStore offers a variety of UPI applications like PhonePay, Google Pay, Paytm, etc.

After downloading the app, you will have to signup with the mobile number, which is register with the bank account. After signup, you will be able to check account balance and make online transactions after adding the bank account and creating your UPI ID.

SBI Balance Inquiry With SBI Quick (Missed Call Banking)

As you know, you will need the internet to check the SBI account balance through internet banking and UPI. However, if you want to check the account balance without the internet, it also has a way. You only have to activate the SBI Quick service. And the interesting thing is that you can start this service from home. Below we have discussed how you can enable the service.

Just send an SMS from your register mobile number to 09223488888

REG Account Number’ to 09223488888.

Immediately you will receive a message.  With this message, you will know whether your registration was successful. 

Once the registration is successful, you will be able to check your account balance by sending a message.  You will need to send a message to this number in the given format below. You can also check the sbi account balance by making missed call to this number.

Other facility available in SBI Quick service

Balance Enquiry


BAL’ to 09223766666

Mini Statement


MSTMT’ to 09223866666

Cheque Book Request


CHQREQ" to 09223588888



ESTMT <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 09223588888

  • Note: Enter any 4 digit code of your choice which will be used to unlock the PDF attachment sent to your registered email address.

ATM Card Blocking


BLOCK<space>XXXX’ to 567676 (XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number).



SMS ‘DREG ’ to 09223488888

Sbi Balance enquiry with Mobile Banking

Besides Internet banking, mobile banking is also a beneficial service provided by SBI.  Mobile banking is similar to Internet banking service. In mobile banking, you can access your bank account through the app.  YONO is the official mobile banking application developed by the SBI for the customer. 

All customers will be able to access their bank account within the mobile using this application.  You can use the app through a small registration. Account balance check, mini statement check can be done through mobile banking.  Another great benefit of using the app is YONO cash. That means you can withdraw the balance from the ATM without a debit card.

Sbi Balance enquiry with USSD code:

We are going to tell you another easy way to check your account balance. With this method, you will be able to check the account balance using the USSD code. You may be surprised to know that you can check account balance as well as the statement with the USSD code. Even those SBI customers who do not use feature phone will be able to complete all these tasks with USSD code.

How to Register for USSD service instantly?

First, you need to send a message from the bank registered mobile number.

MBSREG(space)Account number– send it to 9223440000 or 567676

Immediately you will receive a return message. You will receive the User ID and the default MPIN.

After that, you need to dial *99# from the registered mobile number.
Now you have to generate a new MPIN.

Once the registration is complete, you can check the account balance by dialing *99#.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Question)

Are there any fees to be paid during the registration of these services?

No, you don’t have to pay any registration fees.

What monthly or annual fees have to pay for using the services?

Banks do not charge any monthly or annual fees for using the services. You can use the services for free. However, if you want to check the SBI balance via text, you will need an SMS charge.

How long will it take to start the services?

You can activate these services from home within a moment. However, it may take some time if you visit the bank and apply for services.

How many times a day can I make a balance enquiry?

No guideline was provided on this behalf by SBI. There is no restriction in this case.

Will it be possible to check SBI balance without register mobile number?

No, Without registration mobile number, you cannot check account balance. In all cases, you will need the registered mobile number.

How do I stop these services?

If you are not satisfied with the services, you can stop it by visiting the bank. However, you can turn off the SBI quick service from home.


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