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SBI Mobile Banking is an online service offered by SBI Bank for customers. This service allows to SBI Bank customers to control all activities of the bank account through mobile phones.The service is called Mobile Banking because customers can access their bank account through mobile phone.  Here, an application is provide by the bank for the customers through which the customers can access their bank account.

This may be called an alternative of SBI Bank’s Internet banking service. But the difference between the two is we access the Internet banking service through a computer and the mobile banking service through a smartphone. With the advent of SBI mobile banking service, it is possible to carry out banking related financial tasks from anywhere in the world, such as money transfer, money lending, balance inquiry etc.

SBI Mobile Banking

Features of SBI Mobile Banking:

  • Account Summary: The service allows customers of this bank to monitor the account summary .
  • Account Statement: Customers have the benefit of viewing the bank account statement.
  • Fund transfer: With the help of the service is possible to transfer money from bank account through mobile. In addition to SBI Bank, the service is capable of transferring funds to any bank in India.
  • Schedule Transactions:  Schedule Transactions is one of the great features of this service. Whereby customers can transfer money according to their own set time.
  • Mobile recharge: Customers can easily recharge mobile from home as per their requirement.
  • Check Book: Through the service, any customer can apply for check book to the bank from home.
  • Quick Money Transfer and Donation: Actions like Quick Money Transfer and Donations can be shot through mobile banking.
  • Add / Manage Beneficiaries: Beneficiaries  can be added through the service for money transfer. Thereby, it is possible to avoid adding the bank details of the recipient repeatedly during the money transfer.
  • DTH Recharge: Any kind of DTH recharge can be done from home through this service.
  • Online nomination: Account holder has the advantage of adding or changing a nominee online.
  • UPI Payment: Mobile banking service makes it possible for customers to transfer money through UPI within a second.
  • LPG Subsidy Registration: Registration of LPG Subsidy is possible through the mobile banking service.
  • Manage Debit card: Customers can change their debit card transaction limit.  In addition, if the debit card is lost, customers will be able to block it through the mobile phone.
  • State Bank Virtual Card: Customers will also get the facility of Virtual Debit Card for eCommerce (online) transactions.
  • Premature Closure: Customers will be able to close fixed and recurring deposits before maturity.

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How to apply for SBI Mobile Banking at home?

To enjoy the benefits of mobile banking service, the application provided by the bank must be downloaded. However, the application provided by the bank is only available for android and ISO users. SBI Bank’s mobile banking application is known as SBI Yono Lite.

In order to use mobile banking, the customer must have internet banking service enabled because he need the user ID and password of Internet banking to login in mobile banking service. However, if a customer does not have internet banking service enabled then he can easily apply for internet banking through this application by following the steps discussed below.

1) First of all, customers have to download the application provided by the bank from Google Play store.

2) After opening the application, click on ‘New User Registration’ option on the display and click on the proceed button on the next page.

3) As soon as a registration form will be displayed, the customer will have to fill it with account number, CIF number,, branch code, register mobile number, transaction right, and capture and click on submit button.

4) In the next page, an OTP will be sent to the register mobile number. Enter the OTP on right place and click on submit button.

5) Now select the first of the two options on this page which is ‘I Have My ATM Card’ and press the submit button. Here, customers have to complete the registration process through debit card. But if a customer does not have an ATM card, he should select the second option and contact the bank to start the mobile banking service.

6) On the next page, the customer will have to place all the information of the ATM card and click on ‘proceed’ button.

7) A Temporary User ID will be provided to the customer on the next page, and here the customer has to select the password for his account. After selecting the password need to click on the ‘Submit’ option. Now the registration process is complete.

Reaming Steps after login into mobile banking service for the first time:

  • To login in Mobile Banking for the first time, an user need to enter the Temporary User ID and Password and click on Login button.
  • Then on the next page, check the empty box next to the Term and Condition option and click on the Accept button.
  • On this page the customer will have to change the Temporary User Name and Password.
  • After selecting the user name and password as desired, click on submit option to proceed.
  • Then click on the Submit button,after entering the information want to know, such as profile password, security costing, country, country code, mobile number.
  • Now complete the mobile number verification through OTP. After that customer is able to enjoy the benefits of mobile banking services.

Do’s and Don’ts of SBI Mobile banking:

  • Mobile phone should always be password protected by mobile banking users.
  • Password must be changed frequently.
  • If the phone is lost for any reason, contact the bank immediately and stop the service. And go to the police station to file an FIR.
  • Don’t give the phone to anyone other than the closest person.
  • Do not share mobile banking username and password with anyone.
  • Do not write down the username and password anywhere.
  • Keep in mind, do not download any application from third party website.
  • Do not install unnecessary applications on mobile.



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