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SBI Personal Banking or SBI Online Banking Service is an Online Transaction Method of SBI Bank. Again, It is also known as SBI Net Banking Which gives you the convenience of online transactions. Apart from online transactions, you will get many benefits from the service. Most of the bank’s work is possible at home by this service. The service is available to all SBI customers. The details about SBI Personal Banking or SBI Online Banking Services are given below.

SBI Personal Banking

What is SBI Personal Banking or SBI Online Banking Service?

SBI’s Personal Banking or online banking service gives its customers the ability to access their bank account online easily by any device. Money Transfer, Transaction History Check, Account Balance Check, this type of work can be easily done at home through this service. There is no need to go to the bank. This service is fully protected by SBI.

Requirements  for applying on Personal Banking or Online Banking:

Some documents are required for applying SBI Personal Banking or SBI Online banking services from home. Documents must be collected before applying for the service from home. Below is a list of the necessary documents.

1) There should be an account with SBI Bank.

2) Account number and CIF number also required. This information can be collected from the bank’s passbook.

3) Bank account must have an ATM card.

4) There should be a mobile number link with the account.

5) The account holder must have a PAN Card.

How to apply for SBI Personal Banking or SBI Online banking service at home?

SBI’s online banking service can be easily applied at home. You can also apply for this service by visiting the bank. Before launching the service, you need to collect the necessary documents. Let’s take a look at how to apply for the service at home.

1) Click on the link given by us to access SBI’s online banking portal. Or enter the website after searching Google.

2. After entering the website you will see two options on the home page. One is corporate banking and the other is personal banking. Personal Banking option should be selected here as your bank account is personal. To join the service for the Joint Account, you need to visit the bank. Can not apply online for a joint account. Corporate Banking option is available only for Current Account Holders.

3) Then click on the ‘New User Registration/ Activation‘ option on the left of the Personal Banking option as you want to apply for a new online account.

4) Soon a popup will be shown on the screen, here click on the ‘OK‘ button.

5) A new tab will open, select ‘New Registration‘ and click ‘Next‘ option.

6) On the next page, account number, CIF number, branch code, country, mobile number, all information should be placed in the right place and click on the submit option. It should be kept in mind that the, must select ‘Full Transaction Right’ in Facility Required option.

7) Verify the OTP on the next page. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number with the bank. Enter the  OTP in the specific place, and click on the Confirm option.

8) Then you will see two options on the next page. One is want to apply this service through ATM card or by visiting the bank wants to start the service. Select the ‘ I Have MY ATM Card ‘ option here and click on the submit.

8) On the next page,  Enter the credential of ATM card such as Card number, Cardholder name, valid date, ATM pin and click on proceed. To check whether the ATM card is valid, it will be deducted 1 rupee from the bank account.

9) Next, enter the username, password and confirm password and click the submit option.

SBI Personal Banking

10) Now the application for the online banking service is complete. Within 2 to 3 days the account will be activated.

Benefits of using Personal Banking or Online Banking Services:

1) The service allows you to access your SBI account at any time, anywhere.
2) Money can be transferred from anywhere in the world.
3) There is no need to go to the bank.
4) Transaction is successful in a few seconds.
5) From the mobile recharge to electric bill all is given by this service.
6) Also provides you facility of secure transactions.

Some warning before using this service:

1) Never share the online banking username and password with anyone. As a result, you will face losses.

2) Do not save the online banking username and password in the browser.

3) Use very good company antivirus on the computer. This will save you from any phishing attack.

4) Before logging in to the online banking site, confirm that green lock is showing on the front of URL in the browser. Do not log in if the website does not have a green lock. This could be a phishing site.

5) Do not install any kind of crack software on the computer. Such crack software contains viruses or malware that steals the username and password of the account and able to send the login credential to the hacker.

6) Do not forget to log out when the work is completed at the online banking account.

7) During login on the net banking account, use the virtual keyboard of the online banking website instead of the computer keyboard.


  • Which customers are eligible to use this service?

Each customer of SBI Bank can avail this service. Applicants can start the service by visiting their bank branch or applying online.

  • Is there a charge for starting this service or using it?

Customers do not have to pay any charge for starting or using the service. Completely free service is offered.

  • How many days after applying for the service offline does the account startup?

It depends on the bank.

  • Is there a specific time to use the service?

There is no specific time to use the service. The user can use the service at any time as per his requirement.

  • What to do if there is a problem while using the service?

The user will need to contact the bank soon if there is any problem while using the service.


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