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Are you looking for a wireless mouse within budget?

I can help you, If your budget is 600 rupee.

Some days ago I encountered this same problem. Suddenly my computer mouse wasn’t working. I couldn’t do anything on the computer.

So I thought I’d go to the online stores once. Let me tell you my budget was also 600 rupees.

I think it’s enough to spend 600 rupees on a mouse. But you can also spend more than 600 rupees if you want.

Anyway, at online stores, I started looking for a mouse within my budget. 

In search results, various mouse appear on my computer screen.

From these, I made a list for myself. And finally, I bought one from this list.

So now I’m going to tell you which wireless mouse was on my list.

Believe me, all the mouse on this list are excellent and all within your budget. If you are interested, check this list once.

I promise you; You will not disappointed.

Before that, if you want to know on what basis I have made this list? 

 Here, I would say user reviews and brand value. I know you also research the product before buying it from the online store and emphasize brand value and user experience like me.

If you want to know which wireless mouse I bought? 

You have to wait a little longer to know. I mentioned below this list which mouse I have purchased.

First, we talk about,

Logitech M170 Wireless Optical Mouse

Logitech M170 Wireless Optical Mouse

You may have heard the name Logitech. But if you are not familiar with this brand then let me inform you that Logitech is a computer peripheral and software manufacturing Swiss International Company. Depending on its brand value, you can use this company’s products without worry.

Two types of colours have used in Logitech M170 to provide an attractive look. Upper and lower part of the mouse is black, and the whole body is grey. The entire body is made of sturdy plastic so it won’t break even if it falls out of hand. Since the mouse is wireless, you will not see any wire in it. You’ll notice that its thumb area has texture degine to provide an excellent grip.

Key Features:

  • Its connection range is 10 m. So you can control any computer easily within 10 m.
  • Simple plug and play connection.
  • Reliable and consistent wireless connection with no dropout.
  • ON and OFF Switch also available.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Chrome and all kinds of operating systems.
  • Only two buttons can be seen. Right button, left button, and a little scroll. 


  • Being an optical mouse, it can work on any surface.


  • It is not a gaming mouse. Designed for general purpose only.
  • Battery life average. The company says that the mouse is capable of providing battery backup for up to 12 months. However, you will get 5 to 6 months of battery backup if heavy use.

IBALL G50 Wireless Mouse

IBALL G50 Wireless Mouse

You know, Iball is a top-rated company. The company also manufactures various music system as well as computer accessories. 

I hope you trust this company’s manufacturing.

If you, talking about the build quality of the mouse.

The build quality is excellent in one word. If you don’t believe, you can read the other users’ experience in amazon. High quality plastic has been used during the making. But you may be a little disappointed knowing that there is only one colour variant. It is available in the market only in black colour.

Key Features:

  • very light in weight. Only 57 grams.
  • very easy to carry due to lightweight.
  • Come with an automatic power-saving mode.
  • ON and OFF switch at the bottom side.
  • An ideal optical mouse for high-speed work.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Provide USB receiver inside the Mouse.


  • Back button at the top of the mouse.
  • Also support smartphones through OTG.


  • Glossy design can cause a problem with the grip.

HP X3500 Mouse (Black)

HP X3500 Mouse (Black)

Another excellent wireless mouse which fits within your budget. 

I am sure, its glossy look and design surely impress you. The mouse is designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the user’s hand.

You can use it without any discomfort. Like others, its connection range is also 10 meters.

Battery backup of the mouse is very good. If you use an average of 8 hours a day, it will last for 6-7 months. However, the company has promised 12 months of battery backup. It depends on your uses.

Key Features:

  • Play and Plug Features. No need to install any drivers.
  •  Durable battery backup.
  •  2.4GHz wireless connection.
  •  Perfectly Work on Different Surface.
  • Come with three levels of DPI setting 1000, 1200, and 1600.
  • Found three buttons.


  • Build quality is excellent due to the use of hard plastic.
  • No lagging issue


  • Dust and fingerprints are easily visible, being glossy.
  • Only Windows supported. Not support on Mac and Chrome OS.

Portronics POR-016 Toad 11 Wireless Mouse 

Portronics POR-016 Toad 11 Mouse

Although there is no brand value, its performance will impress you. You will feel very comfortable at work for long hours. However, you may be disappointed with its weight(191 grams). But its premium look and design will not disappoint you. The connection range is also sufficient. The mouse has another beautiful feature, which is an auto low power consumption mode.

Key features:

  • Fit for any devices such as Laptop/Computer/Macbook and other devices.
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology can provide a smooth connection within 10 meters.
  • High-quality plastic has been used during manufacturing.
  • Three buttons are present. DPI manage button also available.


  • Supported in android tv.


  • May feel a little heavy.
  • Make little noise on clicks.

Lenovo N100 Mouse (Black)

Lenovo N100  Mouse (Black)

Another good wireless mouse in your budget. I hope you don’t have any problem with the brand.

 Water drop-shaped Lenovo N100 mouse perfectly fits in your palm. Like others, it is also perfectly suited for everyday use. Black and grey colour is used to give the mouse a beautiful look. No drivers or software are required to install because plug-and-play features are available in the mouse.

Key Features:

  • Support Both Windows and Mac.
  •  Provide Smooth Wireless Connection.
  •  Not find any kind of lagging issue.
  • As usual, come with the right button, left button, and a scroll wheel. 


  • Anti-slip surface


  • It may seem a bit heavy on weight.

I hope you’re still here, and the necessary information about all the mouse on this list has impacted you.

All the mouse listed here are excellent in terms of performance, but due to the price difference, the feature changes can be noticed.

Now if you want to know which wireless mouse I’ll prefer.

Then, in my opinion, you can choose between the Logitech M170 and the Iball G50.

Let me tell you I purchased the Iball G50 mouse. I’m still using the mouse without any inconvenience.

Final word:

I hope you’ve been able to find some good wireless mouse through this post, and you’ve been able to determine which mouse is suitable for you. If you think I have missed adding any quality wireless mouse in this list, don’t forget to tell me in the comment box.

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