Dealbot Review – AI Negotiator That Saves Real Estate Investors Time and Money

Dealbot Review is a real estate investment software that pre-negotiates and pre-screens seller leads for investors. It is a good fit for beginners and seasoned investors. It also helps solo operators and major operators increase their profits.

However, Which? found that DealBot often fails to find the best discounts. In fact, it regularly misses better offers on the Pizza Hut deals page.

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Dealbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) negotiator that pre-screens and pre-negotiates seller leads for real estate investors. It was created by Blair Halver, host of the Transactional Real Estate Investor Show and CEO of Easy Marketing Inc. The company focuses on helping real estate investors automate their business and make more money. Dealbot chats with sellers 24/7 and collects qualified leads in a Google sheet, saving real estate investors time and effort. It also provides a list of properties that are likely to sell.

Dealbot also provides a re-engagement campaign that helps you get back in touch with old seller leads. Its proprietary re-engagement software is designed to increase your chances of getting an offer from the owner. It sends out emails and phone calls to the owners and helps you build rapport. The platform also offers a private Facebook group, the Deal Structuring Crash Course, and Quick Launch campaigns.

Its automated chat features allow you to talk to people selling their homes and make them feel more comfortable with you, thereby increasing your chances of getting a good deal. It also lets you automate your direct mail, allowing you to save time and money on printing costs.

However, you should be aware of the limitations of the program before buying it. For one, it requires a high-speed internet connection to work properly. Additionally, it can sometimes crash or lag, which can be frustrating for users. Moreover, you may need to pay additional fees to use some of its features, including its API and web service.

In addition to chatting with sellers and compiling their leads in a Google sheet, the AI negotiator also checks for a property’s eligibility and can calculate maximum profits. It also can determine if the seller will be willing to accept cash or seller finance. The program can also be programmed to follow specific negotiating strategies.

Pipedrive Dealbot for Slack is a powerful tool that allows salespeople to keep their teams informed of important deals in real-time without having to schedule meetings or write lengthy emails. Its integration with Slack instant messaging allows teams to share deal updates and reduce the number of emails they have to exchange with each other.


Dealbot AI Negotiator is a one-of-a-kind software that allows real estate investors to automate their lead generation. It enables users to pre-screen motivated seller leads and acquire their mortgage information in just one step, which saves time and money. Additionally, the software is easy to use and requires no CRM, website, or power dialer. It also provides high-quality leads that are pre-negotiated and are more likely to sell.

This tool is a great fit for beginners who are nervous about calling prospects or seasoned investors who want to scale their business. The pricing model is reasonable and includes a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, the service is backed by Blair Halver’s experience and expertise in real estate.

The cost of the software is $1,999 plus an additional $97 every month. The program can be canceled online anytime and there are several third-party reviews of the product on Trustpilot.

Blair Halver is the owner of Dealbot, a company that offers a software platform that pre-screens and pre-negotiates motivated seller leads for real estate investors. He is also the host of The Transactional Real Estate Investor Show and lives in Mooresville, North Carolina. His company focuses on making marketing simple for real estate investors, and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

According to the Dealbot website, the company’s software is programmed for inverse offer strategies and can determine whether a property is cash or seller-finance. It can also calculate maximum profits and is available 24/7. However, there are some downsides to using the program. It is important to note that the software is not a complete solution for investors and must be combined with other marketing techniques.

The program includes a private community, a private Facebook group, weekly Zoom calls, and training sessions. It also includes a Deal Structuring crash course and a Close-The-Deal script pack, as well as a Quick-Launch and 3x FB ad campaign.

Some people are not comfortable talking to a bot, so they may abandon the site or choose a competitor. In addition, some bots have a tendency to be unhelpful or annoying. It is important to find a chatbot that has good customer support and understands the needs of your business.

Customer support

Dealbot is a real estate investment software that pre-negotiates and pre-screens seller leads for investors. It also provides tools to automate your direct mail marketing, make a better connection with sellers and help you increase your profits. Its features include AI negotiating, chatbot integration, email automation, and more. Dealbot is designed to save time and money while allowing you to focus on building your business.

Pizza Hut Delivery’s ‘DealBot’ has been criticised by consumer review site Which? for not always delivering on its promise to save you money. The optional tool promises to automatically add Pizza Hut’s universal offers to your basket, including discounts on pizzas and sides and buy one get one free promotions. But tests showed that it often failed to find the best deals, with many of them being available on the website’s own “Deals” page.

In addition to the AI negotiator, you’ll also get a private Facebook group, a deal structuring crash course, and Quick-Launch and 3x Facebook Ads campaigns. The price for Dealbot is $1,999 plus an extra $97 per month. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customer reviews for Dealbot on Trustpilot and Facebook are mainly positive.

Dealbot is designed for beginner real estate investors, seasoned professionals, solo operators, and major operators. The AI negotiator helps novices who are nervous about contacting sellers or aren’t able to spend time on the phone. It also helps seasoned investors get more high-quality leads and sellers. The system can talk to sellers around the clock and compile qualified leads in a Google Sheet. It can also make multiple offers at the same time and calculate maximized profits. It can also automate your marketing and sales workflows and create reports that analyze your pipeline.


Dealbot is an artificial intelligence software that pre-negotiates and pre-screens seller leads for real estate investors. It costs $1,999 plus extra monthly payments and is backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It has a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot and many positive Facebook and client testimonials. It also has a private Facebook group and training materials. Its creator, Blair Halver, is a real estate investor and coach. He hosts the Transactional Real Estate Investor Show podcast and teaches a Udemy course on starting real estate investing. He is based in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Dealbot isn’t without its critics, however. In a recent review, the consumer review site Which? said the tool missed major discounts such as Pizza Hut delivery offers and buy-one-get-one deals.

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